Sunday Schooled: Mission Survive No Electronics Day

24 Jun

No Electronics

Well, some how, some way, we survived. With nary a TV show or movie ALL day. Everyone made it through unscathed.

It started out a little rough. But I figured that would happen since we were going cold turkey. When I announced to the fam on Friday night that we would be doing No Electronics Day they were less than enthusiastic. The Hubs just smiled and said “Oh…we’re really doing that?”

Yes. Yes, we are.

And yes, we did.

After we got through all the “how long is all day?” And “is the Kindle an electronic?” questions in the morning (which included clarifying that it was NOT No Electricity Day…it’s Texas. And it’s summer. We are not going A/C free. No one needs to be a hero. And besides, we just played that game a couple weeks ago when the A/C was broken for 3 days.), it was pretty much smooth sailing.

Luckily, the morning was consumed with a leisurely breakfast (thanks to our awesome neighbors who own a bakery and had randomly given us a box delicious pastries the night before) and church. Then in the afternoon there was napping and swimming and toy trains, OH MY!

Toy Train

Overall, it was a definite success. We actually spent time together that wasn’t just sharing a screen. I even managed to check some things off my to do list that had been lurking there for a few weeks.

Sometime mid-afternoon, Big A did try her darnedest to get some kind of screen time — she just missed Grandma so much she had to have a FaceTime with her right then or who knows what would happen to her poor little heart — but we stayed true to the mission (and her heart survived unblemished). And I may or may not have led her to believe that No Electronics Day is a holiday everyone celebrates (she came up with the thought on her own…I just didn’t argue). Oh well, that will just make it that much easier if next Sunday is No Electronics Day again.


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