Seeing God

1 Jul


I read Jamie Wright’s (aka Jamie the Very Wort Missionary) post about seeing God in everyday places a little while ago and the question she ended with kept popping up in my head:

Are you blind to God in the easy, everyday places? Does your world feel kind of greige?

And when the question pops up, I think:

I look for God. But…

But sometimes the greige gets in the way and it feels like I’m looking for him on the pages of one of those Where’s Waldo? books.

I started looking for God a little over a year ago. Looking and learning and waiting to be changed for it. And it still felt like I was just flipping the pages of Where’s Waldo? It wasn’t that I didn’t see God. Every so often I get a glimpse of a red and white striped shirt and know I’ve found Waldo. But for me the seeing wasn’t always believing. For a long time, it was as though I saw him just out of the corner of my eye and wasn’t sure if what I had seen was Waldo or just a miniature drawing of a candy cane. And it can be so hard to tell what you’re really seeing through greige-colored glasses.

It is only very recently that the seeing has led to feeling and being different. In little ways. I’m not conquering world hunger or bringing peace to Earth or anything like that (obvi). But my home is more peaceful. It was never chaotic (as much as a house with 2 small kids can not be chaotic…). But I don’t get mad as often and when I do, it’s easier to let it go. Forgiving is easier. I worry less about what’s in it for me and more about what I can do for other people.I truly recognize how blessed I am to be living the life I have been given.

But some days, the greige is overwhelming and I forget. The difference is that now I know that even when I can’t, God can see through the greige, straight through to me.


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