Homemade Hump Day: Snacks on a Plane Recipe Roundup

17 Jul

Recipe Round Up

I am in full on packing mode for Big A’s trip to the Grandparents. Luckily, she helped me pack her suitcase:


So since, all she needs is toys, dress up clothes, and a coloring book, I can skip the laundry and focus on what we’re going to eat on the trip! 

I posted earlier this week some tips for traveling with kids which included bringing food with you. I usually will just bring a couple PB&J’s and some fruit when we travel but this time I thought I’d try to be more prepared and make something more interesting. I also have a potentially irrational fear of bringing peanut butter on a plane only to find out that someone with a severe peanut allergy is on the plane…that would be a major party foul.

What makes a good airplane snack?

You want to bring snacks that don’t need to be reheated and can be out of a refrigerator for several hours. Most likely, your flight will at least have beverage service so you don’t need to bring drinks with you or you can buy them at the airport (that way you avoid any issues at the security screening if the containers for your drink don’t meet the TSA guidelines for bringing liquid). Also, try not to bring smelly food…no one wants to be that guy (or girl) that makes the whole plane stink.

Check out these yummy, air-travel-friendly, kid-approved snacks that would be great for on the plane:

Cinnamon Sugar Apple Chips from Red Shallot Kitchen

Homemade Fruit Roll Ups from Free Time Frolics

Chocolate Chip Granola Bars from Weelicious

Homemade Cheese Crackers from Tidy Mom

Cheese Crackers recipe at TidyMom


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