Teething is for Babies

19 Jul

Teething is for Babies

Being a baby is hard. There’s all the growing and learning and the inability to communicate with anyone. Then there’s also the fact that you have to grow your teeth. It’s a tough job but somebaby has to do it.

I’d like to take a moment to appeal to all the teething babies of the world on behalf of their of parents — teething hurts me more than it hurts you.

Because no one is there to pick me up and cuddle when I’m crying at work because I’ve been holding and cuddling you all night to ease the pain of a teeny tooth making its home in your gums.

Because I still have to breastfeed you and apparently, you haven’t quite grasped the fact that tooth to skin contact can be quite painful.

Because my neck may have a permanent kink from sitting up against a pillow wall death trap just to make sure you were in an upright position so you could breathe through the stuffy nose that inevitably joins in on the teething suck-a-thon.

Because you want to be simultaneously held, put down, sit up, lay down, chew a teething ring, not have anything remotely near your mouth, and cry and cry and cry. Divas are less demanding and at least they have the decency to write a list of what those demands are. Keep working on those ABC’s.

But mostly because I can’t help but feel so, so bad for you anyway. If I could grow that tooth for you, I would.

But since I can’t, could you at least stop being such a baby about it?


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