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Teething is for Babies

19 Jul

Teething is for Babies

Being a baby is hard. There’s all the growing and learning and the inability to communicate with anyone. Then there’s also the fact that you have to grow your teeth. It’s a tough job but somebaby has to do it.

I’d like to take a moment to appeal to all the teething babies of the world on behalf of their of parents — teething hurts me more than it hurts you. Continue reading


Tips For Traveling With Kids

16 Jul

Tips for Traveling with Kids

This weekend, Big A is heading to the Grandparents’ house. For a month…It’s bittersweet, really. I know she’s in capable hands since they are my parents afterall but a month is a really long time. I’m sure she won’t have a problem with it since this has been the tradition for the last 3 or 4 years. It also doesn’t hurt that they’re her second favorite people (second only to Little A which is so adorable and sweet). I’m a close third…

Since she’s only 6, I will be escorting her to the Grandparents’ house. Oh, and bringing along Little A because I like to do things the hard way and so the rest of the fam can meet him. He is only 8 months old so he hasn’t met most of them yet seeing as they’re in a different country and all. Oh, and I’m not bringing the Hubs because he has class. So that’s me and 2 kids. Alone. On a plane. (Not technically alone since there will be other people on the plane but you know what I mean…) Continue reading

Sunday Schooled: Mission Survive No Electronics Day

24 Jun

No Electronics

Well, some how, some way, we survived. With nary a TV show or movie ALL day. Everyone made it through unscathed.

It started out a little rough. But I figured that would happen since we were going cold turkey. When I announced to the fam on Friday night that we would be doing No Electronics Day they were less than enthusiastic. The Hubs just smiled and said “Oh…we’re really doing that?”

Yes. Yes, we are.

And yes, we did.

Continue reading

Sunday Schooled: Mission Survive No Electronics Day

23 Jun

Mission Survive No Electronics Day is in full effect.

(I even scheduled this post so I wouldn’t need to get on the computer to post this.)

Will report back when mission is complete…

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