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This Blog is Moving!

27 Jul


I’ve decided to bite the bullet and get a self-hosted site. Hopefully that will make it easier for me to make this blog awesome.

So here’s what you can do stay up to date!

Follow me on the new blog:

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Follow me on Twitter: @4realinreallife

All the old posts can be found on the new blog and that’s where all the new posts will be, too!

Did you see the latest Homemade Hump Day? Head on over to to check it out!


Follow me on Bloglovin’

16 Jul

Bloglovin’ is a great way to follow your favorite blogs.

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Homemade Hump Day: Strawberry Cupcakes

26 Jun

Strawberry cupcakes

I love strawberries. I love cake. Me and strawberry cupcakes are a match made in heaven.

I bake things. But I am not a baker. I had about 21 cupcakes to prove it…key word there: had. We still ate them even though they looked like they were only half baked. Despite how they looked, most of them were fully baked and they were quite tasty. There are a few stragglers still sitting in the fridge but, alas, their time has come to meet that great big, brown bin on the curb. Those were the ones that didn’t manage to get baked all the way through. That may or may not have been related to the fact that on one batch, I just stuck the cupcake liners in a normal baking dish and crossed my fingers that the batter wouldn’t just spill out. It didn’t. But those cupcakes didn’t bake properly either… Continue reading

Sunday Schooled #2: Receive your Free Gift with Purchase (and By Purchase I Mean Belief)

9 Jun

Gift from God

I recently watched a short video clip of Lee Strobel talking about a bible verse that’s on his mind. Now, this is not just any old verse. This is the verse. The one he says was the last verse he read as an atheist. This one must be a biggie! Continue reading

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Real Food. Real Family. Real Faith.


Real Food. Real Family. Real Faith.

Real Food. Real Family. Real Faith.

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