4 Things Jesus is Doing for the 4th of July

4 Jul

I’m pretty sure that this is what Jesus would be doing for the 4th of July:

  1. Watersports. A must for summer holidays. Jesus Surfing
  2. Playing with fireworks. It wouldn’t be the 4th of July without some sparkler action. jesus-sparklers (2)
  3. A little kite flying. Jesus Kite
  4. Posting helpful tips for staying safe.

Son Screen

How odd that my plans are exactly the same…

Happy 4th of July!


Homemade Hump Day: Farmer’s Market Edition

3 Jul


There is something about summer that just demands fresh food. Maybe it’s because it’s so effing hot — we have officially reached the triple digits here in Austin — that I need to conserve energy…in my digestive tract… Maybe it’s because summer and nature just seem to go hand in hand. Who knows but the desire for something super fresh hit this weekend. So on Sunday, I packed up the kids and copious amounts of water and hit the farmer’s market. Continue reading

Seeing God

1 Jul


I read Jamie Wright’s (aka Jamie the Very Wort Missionary) post about seeing God in everyday places a little while ago and the question she ended with kept popping up in my head:

Are you blind to God in the easy, everyday places? Does your world feel kind of greige?

And when the question pops up, I think:

I look for God. But…

Continue reading

Homemade Hump Day: Strawberry Cupcakes

26 Jun

Strawberry cupcakes

I love strawberries. I love cake. Me and strawberry cupcakes are a match made in heaven.

I bake things. But I am not a baker. I had about 21 cupcakes to prove it…key word there: had. We still ate them even though they looked like they were only half baked. Despite how they looked, most of them were fully baked and they were quite tasty. There are a few stragglers still sitting in the fridge but, alas, their time has come to meet that great big, brown bin on the curb. Those were the ones that didn’t manage to get baked all the way through. That may or may not have been related to the fact that on one batch, I just stuck the cupcake liners in a normal baking dish and crossed my fingers that the batter wouldn’t just spill out. It didn’t. But those cupcakes didn’t bake properly either… Continue reading

Sunday Schooled: Mission Survive No Electronics Day

24 Jun

No Electronics

Well, some how, some way, we survived. With nary a TV show or movie ALL day. Everyone made it through unscathed.

It started out a little rough. But I figured that would happen since we were going cold turkey. When I announced to the fam on Friday night that we would be doing No Electronics Day they were less than enthusiastic. The Hubs just smiled and said “Oh…we’re really doing that?”

Yes. Yes, we are.

And yes, we did.

Continue reading

Sunday Schooled: Mission Survive No Electronics Day

23 Jun

Mission Survive No Electronics Day is in full effect.

(I even scheduled this post so I wouldn’t need to get on the computer to post this.)

Will report back when mission is complete…

Homemade Hump Day: Slow Cooker Pot Roast

16 Jun

Slow cooker pot roast

This past Sunday was Father’s Day so, since The Hubs is pretty good at fathering, I figured I’d make him something special. Special and easy because I was, as I tend to be these days (along with everyone else in the world that has kids), exhausted. I did manage to bring myself to actually go grocery shopping and buy food for the entire week so I’m chalking the entire day up to a success.

I wanted to do something manly with it being Daddy Day and all so I wanted to make some kind of impressive meat dish. What’s an impressive meat dish, you say? Something along the lines of what I imagine a lumberjack would eat. Continue reading

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