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4 Things Jesus is Doing for the 4th of July

4 Jul

I’m pretty sure that this is what Jesus would be doing for the 4th of July:

  1. Watersports. A must for summer holidays. Jesus Surfing
  2. Playing with fireworks. It wouldn’t be the 4th of July without some sparkler action. jesus-sparklers (2)
  3. A little kite flying. Jesus Kite
  4. Posting helpful tips for staying safe.

Son Screen

How odd that my plans are exactly the same…

Happy 4th of July!



13 Jun

No, that question doesn’t have anything to do with this guy:


(Although, I will say, JT is still bringing it with the catchy tunes. Props.)

A mere 24 hours ago, I joined Twitter. Do I understand what’s happening? Absolutely not. # still means pound to me, not hashtag. I’m not even sure I understand how a hashtag works. Regardless of my technological ignorance, it got me thinking. WWJT? What would Jesus Tweet?


@TheWorld, Follow me. #OneTrueKing


Free salvation! Comes with bread and wine! #WondersAndMiracles

I’m sure he would be following @TheHolySpirit and @GodAlmighty. And I would defs follow him.

Jesus Follow me

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